Spring in the English countryside, 2020


Image of Spring in the English countryside, 2020

Date: 23rd - 25th April, 2020

Each year we host a workshop, where we spend three days foraging for seasonal wild produce, create food and drinks with our gathered abundance and work on storytelling through photography and the written words.
Every day has four red threads, Gather, Cook, Drinks, and Photography.

While the emerging warmth of Spring cast its golden glow on the landscape we wander into the woods and across fields with baskets in hand, with hot tea in a thermos and buttered toasts.
When our baskets are full and our provisions are enjoyed, we return to the cottage, put another log on the fire and begin to cook, style and creating seasonal drinks and treats with our berries, mushrooms, flowers and nuts.
The English countryside in Spring is ever so green and inviting and lend itself well with its mild temperatures and colourful landscape for our seasonal "Gather" workshop.

Each day we will gather our produce from the nearby woods, markets and local butcher, fish monger and bottle shop.
We´ll return to the cottage, light the fire and turn on the stove, before starting to cook and photographing, and later sitting down for lunch.
After lunch we'll visit some of my favourite secret antiques shops, search for treasures and return to the cottage to style and photograph before gathering around a long table for dinner.

There will ll be plenty of wines from local vineyards here in England, and our favourites from France and Italy, and Theo, my English gentleman, will treat us to cocktails and traditional nightcaps before parting ways each night.
Every day will be different, but the rhythm remains the same, gather, cook, style, photograph, shop for antiques, and repeat.

This is probably the workshops I´m most excited about each year, as it´s such a treat to gather a group of fine people in our wonky cottage, share our love for this tucked away charming nook in the English countryside, and hunt for antiques and fine food.

Photography and Styling:
As a core, and a red thread through this workshop is visual storytelling through photography, both on and offline, in building our photography skills, challenging our eye and slowing down. We´ll have hands on styling and photography sessions, as well as post production in Lightroom, and learning about the use of the traditional dark room.

We begin at 10 each day gathering at the cottage for a freshly brewed cup of tea and pastries.
There'll be a break after lunch, and we'll round off each day with a long candlelit dinner in front of the fireplace or in the garden.

Accommodation is not included, however, we are very happy to help and send you our recommended list of lovely paces to stay during our workshop.

When you have reserved your spot by purchasing a place through the buttons below, you will receive a confirmation email and a more detailed schedule will arrive in your mailbox closer to the retreat date.

Cancellation policy: Due to logistics, the people involved and hotel cancellation policies, this is a non refundable retreat. We encourage you to have a valid travel insurance before embarking on the trip.

Feel free to email us at: marie@mmforsberg.com should you have any further questions, and or need more info in regards to transportation to the retreat destination.


Image of Spring in the English countryside, 2020 Image of Spring in the English countryside, 2020 Image of Spring in the English countryside, 2020 Image of Spring in the English countryside, 2020